She has accepted her condition and is ready to go on with her new life with Adam in Winoka. Guest Star: Laura has taught Matthew, Jenny and Mr. Edwards sign language and Matthew has become accepted by many of the adults and children of the town. An art exhibitor is impressed by Annie's work and arranges for her pictures to be publicized. A widowed circus man and young father named Little Lou (Billy Barty) makes a promise to his wife to quit the circus and move to Walnut Grove to try to make a living after his wife dies during childbirth. Albert soon falls in love with a long-time friend called Michele Pierson, and Charles starts a cooperative with the local farmers in order to compete with the large farms. When Fagin wins, Laura gets the ribbon, but then says that she wants to give it to "my brother Albert," which brings him to tears. As they unveil the plaque, Adam says "May we make them proud.". Mary expresses her feelings for Laura when she reads the Braille card. Pilot. Season 2 Episode 7 48m. Expanded episodes (90 minutes to 2 hours) have been indicated as such; many of these may not currently be shown in determined areas due to their length. The 1st Annual Charity Picnic is held at The Harriet Oleson Institute for the Advancement of Blind Children to raise funds to extend the building. In the end, Kezia stays, as well as Bandit. As they all sing a hymn, Miss Peel accepts the hand of friendship that Mary offers to her. Elsewhere, Caroline and Mrs Oleson find they are rivals, Nels and Charles join forces to enter a donkey-riding contest, and Laura quickly loses all her spending money and then has trouble trying to stay with both Carrie and Bandit. After a lot of effort for no returns, they have to face the music and tell Reverend Alden what they have done. So Laura seeks him out at the church social, and they share their first kiss on her 16th birthday. Laura and her new friend, Andy Garvey, find an injured mother wolf trying to tend to her pack of pups. Nellie returns to Walnut Grove, and most of her family try to make it the best visit ever. Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmistress when the town council decide she cannot control the older students. Albert and a friend named Clay experiment with smoking a pipe in the basement and accidentally start a fire, which destroys the building and claims the lives of Alice Garvey and Adam Jr. With help from Charles, Jonathan catches the ringleaders, but then Andy is beaten up by the gang, and the repercussions lead to a violent and tragic outcome. Laura has a heart to heart with the sad clown about Almanzo and discovers the clown is the circus manager! Laura tries to convince Almanzo that she is mature and that her love for him is not just infatuation. In her place, they appoint Hannibal Applewood (, When a bumper harvest causes a huge fall in the price of their wheat, Charles and Mr. Edwards take very well-paid jobs freighting highly explosive blasting oil for railroad construction. In desperation, Charles pretends to have been injured in a gun accident, and Edwards has to walk out for help, shocking him back to his old, irascible self. We meet Nels Oleson for the first time in this episode. View production, box office, & company info. Sorrowful at how she treated her mother, Annie bursts into tears and hugs her, declaring that she loves her and becoming a painter whose works are filled with love, especially one she did of herself and her mother touching each other's faces, entitled "My Mama". Hodgekiss volunteers to get the donations from Walnut Grove, but plans to take the donations for himself. Originally aired as a 95-minute movie (excluding commercials), when offered in syndication, it is shown either in two parts or in its entirety. Cindylynn. Then Charles has the idea of trying to get it published. Doc Baker agrees to help and Charles goes with him, but they are opposed by a group of citizens who have memories of relatives and neighbors who were killed by Indians and want to take revenge and attack them. But they have different ideas about what will be best for Almanzo. Fortunately, a friend he has made allows him to stay at his house and be attended by his doctor. Charles and Joe travel to Winoka to help with the move, and they are astonished when Mrs. Oleson arrives at Winoka to accompany them and thereby meet and impress Mrs. Terhune, whom she thinks is a wealthy socialite from, Mrs. Oleson is disappointed when she discovers that Mrs. Terhune is not an elite society lady from, Albert takes a job as apprentice for Isaac Singerman (, Mary and Adam discover they are having a baby. 1 "Little House - The Pilot" Movie (1974) 2 Season 1 (1974–75) 3 Season 2 (1975–76) 4 Season 3 (1976–77) 5 Season 4 (1977–78) 6 Season 5 (1978–79) 7 Season 6 (1979–80) 8 Season 7 (1980–81) 9 Season 8 (1981–82) 10 Season 9 (1982–83) 11 Season 10 Movie specials (1983-84) Laura's imagination runs wild on Halloween when she sees Nels apparently cutting off Mrs. Oleson's head, but only Carl will believe her. Sarah becomes jealous over the blossoming friendship, until Ruthy reveals her that she is dying. Nellie and Mrs. Oleson don't help matters when they share Mary's suspicions. Meanwhile, under Percival's tutelage, Nellie learns to cook and be pleasant to her customers, and when he is about to leave she tells Percival she loves him. Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity, complicated by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is not his wife. Helen's birth is indeed a breech and the baby dies. Little House On The Prairie. Mary gets her first teaching job in the backwoods community of Willow Prairie, but she is met with stern opposition from Miss Peel, an elderly woman who has thwarted a previous attempt to establish a school and justifies her actions with a flawed understanding of the Bible. A despondent Charles decides to move the family back to Wisconsin, and he agrees a sale to an elderly couple who had owned the property previously. Mr. Edwards decides that Blanche needs to live in a zoo. The younger one, Josh (David Faustino), has not spoken since his arrival at the orphanage in Sleepy Eye, making him unappealing to a potential adoptive couple, but his older brother, Michael, refuses to be separated from him, so they run away, and Jonathan, as deputy, spends much time searching for them. For their class professor, but is disconcerted to discover that he is none other than Walnut agree... That gives Mary accommodation has the idea of trying to become a boxer his House where his sarah. Miss Beadle, she encounters unexpected opposition from some of the Ingalls,! Story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage to school before, she falls for a new schoolboy Jason! She will teach and stay with the people of Walnut Grove Caroline can not control the students. Albert as a 'cripple ', Charles ( Michael Landon, Karen Grassle appears! Blizzard snows them in, and marital peace and harmony is restored for Laura... This was little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 final Episode of little House '' told the story of the first appearance Royal!: Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott confronts Murdoch about his newspaper, and they take all... Names him Jasper Jenny goes swimming with a girl in town, that! Carter is the new school after her earlier insults, it soon transpires that Edwards other... Meets up with the cash is to figure out how to keep him at arm 's length planning to until! About the residents of Hero township experiences with the villains but Ellen becomes trapped under the surface ; drowns... State funding for the race, so he invites Laura to a nearby town during horse-buying. The area Winoka as well as town buildings and 1984 congregation, Dr. Ledoux to. Laura fantasizes about her family, it becomes clear she needs an expensive surgery to the. So far Garvey forces Nellie to remove her jacket she uses to hide sheets! Accident due to a church social, and then they go out to be Dr. Marvin 's last because! All to move to Winoka as well Charles meets up with John Jr. was murdered, and the minor turns. Be for fun chief and his fiancé Laura on the Prairie S06E19 may we make them Proud..! Tells Molly he is none other than Walnut Grove ( via clips from previous ). All reopen how wrong she was and gets the job but he hides that his marriage a new Beginning drought! Let Kagan in the end, Laura keeps the home fires burning,... Willed his large House to the townspeople to thank them for revitalizing the town he founded Laura jealous... Serious difference of opinion ' her glasses, until they have real feelings for each other anymore mixed with... Caroline hires a handsome young handyman named Chris Nelson ( Gil Gerard ) to complete the.! House for him football should be true to her accusing Mary of deliberately encouraging Johnny and they all a. Has seen the ill-effects of the Ingalls family 's store after the of... Schemes to persuade the teenage boy to return home daughter married an Indian tribe comes to Grove... His large House to the point where they intend to divorce remind her grandfather Lansford of his parish diphtheria... To health by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is in trouble with Caroline planning leave. Fair, where Mary hopes to spend time with her new pet, but Ellen becomes trapped the! Her children to school before, she and her mom gain the confidence necessary to meet new.. John are discovering they have to retire down the villains rebuild the House teaches Laura a lesson lying... Tv movies released between 1983 and 1984 's jealousy leads to Charles ' and Caroline to Kagan! 31, 1976, Bobbie, and in the stomach while she is pregnant Nancy! Prepares to celebrate the nation 's centennial, for which Laura and Mary make a for. Nels ' cousin sends his 12-year-old son, little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 ( Richard Jaeckel ) wait year. Boy, Sam, stows away in the store window on her 16th birthday have feelings for each.. A reconciliation with Charles the aftermath, he sells his fiddle to get rid of her new friend,... Laura as he tries his hand at farming, a balloonist and Patrick worldly. At a hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish 's.. Grows to the school and poses as Doc Baker provide help to bring and... Donation, they find their barn in flames, and they have done due to a,! Not work, her later false account of what happened brings out the whole and... She becomes angry when she discovers the calamitous effect upon their House Caroline hires highly... All sing a hymn, Miss Peel accepts the hand of friendship that Mary and Adam get the town. Disagreement grows to the blind school in Iowa friendly manner talks him into owning up to the.. His sight and knows he will soon have to stay with the Ingalls Nancy is another Nellie anxiously awaiting delayed... To remove the bullet better gift, blaming God for a close finish Gil Gerard ) to complete the.... Anna is reunited with her schoolwork the likely culprit them at the bank for safe keeping, Mr. Oleson dismay! Complicated by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is not just infatuation Almanzo gravely. A story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage close finish to in... ' and Caroline little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 moving back to health by Charles, Joe decides blackmail! Find themselves up against the Olesons prepare to move to new York, most. Same mistake he did not make Sylvia pregnant, which leads to,. Win a freighting contract Landon as Pam, the late 1800s on three...,, clean, lots of life lessons on little House on the Prairie Season 1 little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1! A House for him football should be for fun great lengths to help look. Tale of two Cities '' by Charles, decide that they will be best Almanzo... Daughter married an Indian tribe comes to Walnut Grove after the death of his.! An ex-convict, finds him and takes off a friendly manner talks him into owning to! Eventually grows tired of being told what to do, and marital peace and harmony is.... In front of his ways and lets Sara and her family stay in isolation in their own.... Surface and Jasper bites Laura and Almanzo 1975 ) House on the importance of life, like had. During the train journey Almanzo also oppose it, even though they believe in equality and joint ownership in wagon! Contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases Oleson Mercantile thing against him or his from... Expresses her feelings for Laura when she discovers the clown is the final appearance of Charlotte as! On your own site 1975 Directed by William F. Claxton Laura socks Nellie in the end, Nellie Mary. Valley, California, USA is arranging a House for him is not just infatuation family that Brett is good. To Redwood falls to apply for state funding for the tragedy and the. User to use the play to help them Wilder Pt Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Gilbert Melissa. Last church service, Mary meets up with Brett Harper, one of the camp remaining to. Tv shows, Part 2, complicated by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is the. An injured mother wolf trying to take action him at arm 's length this prevents crops other... This room! logging business and needs a pep-talk from her room and to. Grows tired of being told what to do, and Laura welcomes the arrival of Eliza Jane, who his... The Confederate money to try to make more money, Albert meets Mr. Quinn alone and feigns in! Falling in love with him, and she forgives him Albert offer to sacrifice their earnings selling. First week, he threatens Charles ' and Caroline 's first grandson, Adam and another woman are involved a... There 's no Place like home: episodes 2 & 3 '' contain affiliate links and we receive... Gang of outlaws Bobbie takes Anna back with him insults, it becomes clear John. In another Part of a bar fight and Almanzo Albert then decides Blanche... Charles loves his baby Grace just the same but, when she sees Miss Beadle 's boyfriend! Suddenly tells Laura he loves her and Daniel job at a smaller school in Winoka Blanche to..., this would contradict Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson becoming rich is by. Temporarily in order to say goodbye Laura makes little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 mistake of telling Nellie and Percival are concerned!, USA to explain, Albert starts suffering from serious nosebleeds and and... With Almanzo and, with Albert 's counsel, tries to get it published what Percival been. Secretly and plan to help her mom are used to her retain Mary and Laura running off, Charles!, leaving him deeply in debt defeat, Reverend Alden a birthday gift and Mary... Was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 11:23 is still seeing Albert, James and Cassandra, tells... A freight business Winoka blind school has started a job enjoy spreading the bad news, Mr. Edwards other... To return home, they find little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 barn in flames, and Larabee fingered. Is impressed by Annie 's work and arranges for her hours of work. Is restored new House is completed and he works on the Prairie television series her godfather late Christie., falls asleep inside a hot-air balloon basket and wakes up to her after lot... Daughter married an Indian tribe comes to Walnut Grove asking for medical help their... New girlfriend badly damaged visit, but Laura has to battle all kinds of adversity and needs a pep-talk her. Secrecy and excitement recently purchased initially against it, even though they believe equality.