Give clean, potable water at all times, and be sure to clean food and water dishes very regularly. Feed puppies six months to 1 year 2 meals every 24 hours. Immediately rush your puppy outside and let her go to the bathroom. How can I get her to become comfortable in it? The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred as a working farm dog from Switzerland. Coming to you when you call needs to be the most appealing option your dog knows — more appealing than chasing that rabbit or running across the street to say hi to the neighbor. Some zoologists speculate dogs were first domesticated sometime between 12,000 and 25,000 years ago—and that all canines evolved from wolves. Feed bernese mountain dog puppies 3 to 6 months old 3 meals daily. When the bernese mountain dog hits his or her 1st birthday, one feeding in a day is typically adequate. Your puppy or dog wants to please you, so your job is to train him to understand you and your directions. Your Bernese Mountain Dog should be able to learn a variety of commands. Posted by Animal Care Tips on May 2, 2010 in Bernese Mountain Dog, Dogs, Pets | Comments Off on Tips For Taking Care Of Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies. Many times adult bernese mountain dogs might do better with 2 lighter meals. The first breed club, the Schweizerische Dürrbach-Klub, was founded in Burgdorf in 1907. Your veterinarian can provide you with additional data on eradicating dental problems as well as bad breath. It’s also wise to give your bernese mountain dog a once-a-month tablet throughout the warm, wet time of the year to be able to protect him from heartworms. Set an appointment with a veterinarian whenever your bernese mountain dog has halitosis along with other signs of disease like excessive urinating or drinking, depression or lethargy, weight loss, nausea, or decreased appetite. Often during the first year to 18 months of age puppies … If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Zara the Bernese Mountain Dog at 3 months old. Now you're going to go back into your car, and close the doors. Are you aware that 1 regular-strength ibuprofen pill causes ulcers in some dogs Keep rat poison and other rodenticides away from your bernese mountain dog. If this is the case, let her out of it a lot when you're camping and get her running a lot. Do not punish your dog after the fact. Bred to work on farms and stand guard, Bernese are great companions, giant but gentle with kids and protective of their homes. Again, as soon as his butt hits the floor, give him the treat and praise him. For advice from our Veterinary co-author on how to crate train your Bernese Mountain Dog, read on! They get played with constantly by our boys and neighborhood kids. Some argue that this is not a necessary command — your dog should know that when you tell her to sit or stay, she should remain in that position until you release her. Never leave your dog in a crate for longer that four hours (or two hours if she is under four months old). This is not even accounting for capital costs for spay/neuter surgery, collar and leash, dog carrier and a dog crate. It means my dog is in giant chart. Raising dogs, in particular taking care of the bernese mountain dog, is a specialty of humans across the world. Be patient, this will take time! This will maximize the possibility that the medication is effective against the parasite your dog has. Playing outside will appease most of your bernese mountain dog’s desires to herd, dig, chase, retrieve and chew. Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders A majestic breed from the Swiss Alps, Bernese Mountain Dogs are sweet, sturdy, and kind. In some warmer locations, vets advise preventive parasite medication be taken continuously.