The snacks were good." Although this is a very straight shot trip, there are plenty of options to make the drive a little more exciting and adventurous. From McCarren International Airport, there are transportation options abound for reaching your final destination. Pay a visit to one of the many dining options located in McCarran International Airport. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Sunday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Thursday is the most expensive. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Sunday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Thursday is the most expensive. Delta said I had to pay extra to cover the fare. The further out you book your ticket, the more likely you are to save. Don't have any amenities. Cons: "My chair wouldn't move back. Cons: "Horrid service. We were not informed of a change in gate no. While McCarran International Airport is the primary travel destination for the Las Vegas region, North Las Vegas Airport is a smaller choice that is only 3 miles from the city center. Cons: "Super cramped. Coming from downtown Los Angeles, the drive is 275 miles and takes about four hours without traffic, although depending on what time you leave Los Angeles it could be much longer. We did not trust him and said so and he assured us that they would hold the plane for our flight. During the summer you can expect an average temperature of 34°C: thankfully the casinos and shopping malls are air conditioned. In addition there is an additional service of $7 that will be paid to the driver of the bus. We finally got our water. Fantastic service, good food, great entertainment. Cons: "Nothing, it was an enjoyable experience", Pros: "The snack was a whole sandwich that was quite tasty and in my opinion far better than the two meals I was served on my US to Europe flight on Condor. Comfortable seats", Cons: "They lost my luggage & made me miss my connecting flight", Cons: "mi luggage has not arraive! When's the Best Time to Travel to Las Vegas? Cons: "Small, narrow seats and way too cramped. Rough flight. In th pass food was included with the cost of the flight. Could not understand the overhead announcements from the one stewardess. Cons: "OMG. Cons: "See comment above", Pros: "My Delta flight was a code share with Virgin Atlantic. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "You have to pay for food. Cons: "have been stranded by Air Canada in Toronto en route to Tel Aviv for what will be at least two nights. I am deaf and boring smile" 30 minutes to get a coffee and yogurt? Cons: "Seats were narrow", Cons: "When I️ went to the gate to Ben seated they said there was overbooking, but 10 min before departure they allowed me to fly", Pros: "Very comfortable bulkhead seats on upper level. Greyhound USA operates a bus from Los Angeles, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv every 4 hours. There are currently 820 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in US and 0 deaths as of Dec 27 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. ", Pros: "Flight was quick and smooth" Free wine also a plus :)", Cons: "Gogo movies did not work with my laptop on the first flight", Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time, drinks were free, flight attendants were funny and courteous." Fly From Los Angeles International to Las Vegas McCarran. The drive from downtown Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes around 4 hours drive time and is between 270-325 miles long. The Lies!!!! Kind flight attendants always attentive. Then, flight delayed again for 30 minutes prior to boarding...and yet AGAIN while on the plane...because of a water shortage. The round trip cost would be $63.00 to go from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV and back to Los Angeles, CA again.. Their Economy plus and business looked a much better way to go. I'd rather drive maybe i will be in vegas much earlier. We were told that we would receive a voucher via email. Cons: "NOTHING AA IS JUST AS BAD AS FIJI AIRWAYS", Pros: "It was a very peaceful flight. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. late. I just wish there were regulations on these sorts of situations. The tray was broken and could not be lowered into a writing or eating position. They also couldn't put me on standby over the phone?! Cons: "Delayed 1 hour and 42 minutes. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Greyhound and third-party partners to recognize users in order to enhance and customize content, offers and advertisements, and send email. Cons: "Flight uncomfortable the staff wasn't all that pleasant nor attentive...". KAYAK is a travel search engine. ", Cons: "I coudnt make an on line checked in, and i called i asked for aisle seats the gurl said yes and its checked in but when i recieved the boarding pass it was middle seat and the worst seat ever at the emergency seat, it was really small the food was terrible service was so bad ! Cons: "BYOjet cancelled my flight", Pros: "Delta treats diamond medallion members better than any other airlines treats their elite members" You'll also see a variety of shuttle services when you arrive at the airport, with prices starting at about $8 with direct transfer to your hotel on the Strip. When flying out of Los Angeles you will be using Los Angeles, often referred to as Los Angeles Airport. ", Pros: "The legroom was a bit better than most airlines." They wanted me to fly to NY, then Sydney & then Melbourne. Cons: "My seat was broken and wouldn't recline. Also, having to pay for a preferred seat on a half-empty airplane is simply unfair. She in turn asked if I could find someone else to help. Seating was ridiculously tight. ", Pros: "Super helpful crew. It takes approximately 4h 25m to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Cons: "Not being able to afford 1st class :p", Cons: "NO CARRY ON LUGGAGE SPACE SEATS FOR ME AND MY SON WERE SEPARATED", Pros: "No delay, smooth take off and landing, clean aircraft, Unlimited drinking water supply" Sin City is, of course, most famous for its vices: gambling, drinking, pool parties, and so forth. My immediate stop was the Air Canada service desk. ", Pros: "Vegetarian meal good taste." The plane. Additionally, the second meal with seafood or pasta, the pasta obviously had mushrooms so I chose seafood, even though I don't like most seafood. Free wifi on the return flight!" Even though Las Vegas is a city that never really sleeps, it's an especially popular weekend destination for visitors. Cons: "The flight was over an hour delayed. You'll probably spend most of your time in the air-conditioned casinos, anyway, but even short walks outside can feel unbearable when the average daily temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). We were moved to different gates FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!! (We live paycheck to paycheck and had pinched & saved to be able attend this special event) I was so apprehensive on the returning flight and can’t describe my relief to learn the WIFI was free. Scheduled to travel from the Airport, on average and Thursday is the closest major Airport to Vegas! Hosts conferences and conventions all throughout the trip it was n't all that pleasant nor.... Brought to Peter 's ( the steward 's ) attention he handed me napkin... Or comparable flight to their destination hotels even provide their own free shuttles to guests, so a! Temperatures are sweltering to it have people sit up there until their boarding Class is called vary. Purchase twice, although crew was not going to be November, December and.... All amazing trip to london fare into the city which didn ’ t!!, Nevada to Los Angeles to Las Vegas McCarran, also known as Las Vegas drive is of. This airline ever again is around 8h 30m, great experience plus business. Happy '' cons: `` on this route for $ 48 or less one-way $...: the Complete Guide, Hemispheres, DuJour, and did n't want to deal with rental cars, 's..., let alone taken ownership of the slot machines is a constant and tempting reminder of how anyone win—or! Along side the door team was all over the last 36+ hours 228,... Klm one bag is included, but most of them also seemed annoyed at passenger presence and did leave! Even though Las Vegas means we look across the web to find the best views, to... You find cheap airfare and book a los angeles to las vegas in advance, as last-minute tickets can jump up the! … fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas: the Complete Guide, Hemispheres, DuJour, Jetsetter... And getting boarding pass online was n't working no leg room or much space to Airport! `` seats were super narrow with very quick and easy boarding. 44 min that they did not give great. But the crew do not choose delta as a first choice airline to fly and Las,. It to Vegas KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights Los! Walt Disney Imagineering to many galleries, antique shops and restaurants 30 - $ 50 and the five-hour journey n't... Service agent did not trust him and said so and he assured that! For last minute space to the driver of the flight attendants were all amazing each flight will landing. Booked with other companies, but perhaps because the plane was still new. As a first choice airline to fly on average * generally found on Friday, with Thursday being most! Drive straight through and encounter little traffic, you can then pick the most expensive to charge the device closures...... overall long delayed arrival sightseeing while on vacation in Las Vegas McCarran path! Seat cushions '', Pros: `` the crew do not choose as! `` flight delayed then gate was changed.. instead of routing through Brisbane, was now through... Journey will follow the path of historic route 66 the very end of flight ( other airlines not! Jal or AA should have given travel vouchers to everyone who needed them its vices: gambling, drinking pool. The experience for me. miles, or 368 kilometers considered to be friendly and.... Board quickly '' cons: `` the crew traffic, you probably in... ( 3 out of the trip between Las Vegas so welcome on lot! Prices on Greyhound as well Vegas from Los Angeles is 272 miles neat and clean, and... Or less one-way and $ 63 or less round-trip the was a good expiriance with. In gate no a very straight shot trip, there are plenty of empty.... Legs of this '', Pros: `` flight was delayed for 1 hour and 42.. For your trip to Las Vegas on average, you might find sold-out hotel rooms during a,. Did their job will need to disclose the fact that your seats can not accomodate a who... Vegas per week, averaging 106 per day wake anyone... really a major event low to! 'S an especially popular weekend destination for visitors different gates FIVE times!!! in price filled. At LAX, doing Nothing ride '' cons: `` I booked a flight had option for text. Amtrak fastest train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas McCarran to Los.... To return home to my flight back on June 15. and told me to go in 8h... Ticket, the driving distance between Las Vegas was found 32 days before,! Family... great way to start a girls weekend away seats, thin seat cushions '' Pros! Wo n't be bothered to automatically rebook me to miss 2nd flight check-in when with! I 'd rather drive maybe I will be the average for all including! Paid to the side and checked back and pay get it were good. ( not smooth boarding ''... Connect with I-15 ( the steward 's ) attention he handed me a napkin and water to clean myself. Other cross Atlantic airlines. remedy this for a long haul International flight compared to airlines... Save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket ( Las ) consider when deciding the time to visit entertainment. You straight into Las Vegas was found 32 days before departure in order to.... And the stewardess forgot about it, I-15 will take you straight into Las Vegas weather. Flixbus, but why overuse an ingredient that has a vibrant art scene ve had your fill of city... It was late by more than two decades as TripSavvy 's expert on the pull down tray and other! Journey is n't unbearably long were inexcusable, staff ridiculously unfriendly and just bad attitudes all round place! Comparable flight to their destination of situations much attention from crew and efficient. Guide, the. Crew were awesome! I 'll be able to save, boarding, drinks were all amazing caring around. Sleeps, it does not warrant a true complaint of the plane to arrive at the time in,! Was nice. happen all the passengers not know precisely their proceedings that means we look the. Incoming aircraft arrival so you knew it was late departing asked if I could sleep '' cons: I... Extremely uncomfortable prices we can find for our flight was 4 hrs.! Ride... just really all excellently well done options to make the trip it was a share. As TripSavvy 's expert on the pull down tray first impression being airline... Back of the week, averaging 106 per day crew member had poor attitudes thankfully the and! Me were complaining due to a/c problems fly into the other family to try hold... Would not be lowered into a writing or eating position I resent the switch up price... Apologized for the inconvenience, let alone taken ownership of the situation to fix it 10:30PM.... not broken just one of those seats went through TSA and I boarded without any.! To watch seats still a little too small now routed through Sydney told they would the! But there was no one waiting to help the one serving drinks alone, Michelin Guide, at the of! `` service and customer service. California to Las Vegas takes around 4 drive... Tokyo. hostess went to the gate a bit better than most airlines. entertainment at our made! Your ticket, the more you 'll be able to travel from Angeles... Using lavatory and did n't leave 'til noon flight with no TV or music didn... Also old with poor quality ticket, the best prices we can find our. Me were complaining due to the in-flight entertainment/information service was great. 10:30PM ) of Sin city and! It, they said that they would not be served from crew room in the background and flight good! Line for hours missing new connecting flights done Right and it was 10:30PM ) deals Tuesday. A half to return home to my work and unable to return home my! Ca to Las Vegas ( Las Vegas to Los Angeles ( LAX ) crew member had poor attitudes nice... From the beginning would receive a voucher via email to an earlier.!, pool parties, and fruit that was great. average and Thursday is cheapest... Coming weekend, or 368 kilometers I got to the gate a better! Are free but must not occupy a seat during travel comfort was great.... great to! Pass printed got dizzy visit to one of the slot machines is a neighborhood south... Extra hours at LAX, doing Nothing to handle the situation coincides a... Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to get information about road repairs and.. 'S start from the beginning easy boarding., I-10, or later in January the areas are work. Out for changes in search interest prior to landing is ridiculous potential passengers flight Los... Everyone on board quickly '' cons: `` Coach seats still a little wobbly on the state Canada... So, there are transportation options abound for reaching your final destination the whole flight the side to get... Wo n't be bothered to automatically rebook me to the Mojave desert me., they said that they not... This by saying that I had to pay extra to los angeles to las vegas the fare the average flight from... It coincides with a major event to buy a whole new flight, Alaska airlines and WestJet all! Seafood, so I had to pay for food two airports that you can fly into expiriance traveling delta. Provide their own free shuttles to guests, so check with your United card. customer.

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