You just need some wood which can be reclaimed lumber, a table saw, a drill, some screws and polyurethane. With rolled linens stacked neatly underneath, the tables pair well with the vintage clawfoot tub and a set of Botticelli vessel sinks from Kohler, which are made of Carrara marble. Your email address will not be published. You can simplify the design a bit by including large open shelves and cubbies which would also make the vanity look more lightweight. Diy Dresser To Vanity Conversion. This particular model has drop-leaf sides which is actually a really useful feature. Repurposed Bath Vanity to Custom Furniture Cabinet. Next, if the back is solid wood or metal, be sure to take proper measurements for placement, then cut a square or rectangle large enough to fit all plumbing elements using a jigsaw. Here is a beautiful dresser turned bathroom vanity. Filing cabinets are increasingly becoming obsolete as we live more paperless lives. For example, the slats at the bottom are a nice touch, adding a light touch to the shelf. Hello everyone! All that's needed is a quart of polyurethane and a 3 to 6 inch paint brush. Then cut a hole at the back for the plumbing, paint or stain the dresser and give it the look you want, install the sink, the faucet and plumbing and you’re pretty much done. Turn A Vintage Dresser Into Bathroom Vanity. Here’s another similar design. If you liked our repurposed barrel idea, this is something similar. See more ideas about home diy, decor, bathroom decor. You might realize that a more open design would suit the bathroom better. DIY Wall Makeup Vanity. Check out some of our ideas for DIY bathroom vanity designs and maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own project. Bold colors are common—deep reds, bright turquoise, fluorescent green and other pops of color are seen often—and materials may range from traditional woods to modern metals. Your email address will not be published. Country Living Vintage furniture is the perfect choice for those who are wanting to retain the classic features of an older bathroom or those … All rights reserved. With the surface properly wiped and dry, add two coats of polyurethane evenly, allowing at least one hour drying time between each coat. The vanity's existing white marble countertop and brushed-nickel faucet looked good enough to keep during the makeover. Notice that it looks quite robust and solid, with a sturdy wooden frame and a stone top for the washbasins to stand on. If you decide to take on a similar transformation, this tutorial should give you some good tips. What Is the Average Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? It’s one of the easiest DIY projects you can do. Copyright © 2008-2021 - All Rights Reserved. {found on Bededesign}. So if you’re thinking of replacing your bike with a new one, this is something you can do with the old one. Filing cabinet. You can find out all about it on Thespacebetweenblog. The satin-finish latex paint is durable and gives the vanity a nice sheen without appearing too shiny. Leave the rest as it is. 5 Creative Bathroom Vanity Ideas from Repurposed Materials 1. In order to attach mirror correctly, liquid bonding adhesive must be added directly to its back, then placed onto the door front and held in place with painter's tape for several hours. Dressers, sideboards, buffets and even dining tables can all be repurposed into a bathroom vanity. Spruce up your bathroom vanity game with this repurposed desk! {found on Bededesign}. The transformation is actually pretty easy. Diy Bathroom Vanity 12 Rehabs Bob Vila. Before turning a dresser, console or chest into a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity, be sure to pay close attention to these 10 designer tips. It’s a pretty big piece but it fits well in this bathroom, offering lots of counter space and lots of storage. The most popular color? This bathroom vanity sits on a base that’s actually a vintage cast iron frame from a sewing machine. If the piece is too low, it will be impractical to use with a sink due to having to bend down to reach water. If you want to simplify things even more, you could use a reclaimed cabinet as a starting point and simply turn it into a vanity but making the necessary adjustments. If you want, you can make a live edge shelf and you can stain the wood in any shade you want so it looks great in your bathroom. Of course, you can take advantage of the empty space underneath your new DIY bathroom vanity to store things like towels and cleaning products in boxes or baskets. The design featured on angelamariemade is really cute and simple. All the details of this project can be found on craftedbythehunts. Pale turquoise paint gives the oak vanity a splash of happy color. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas. Repurpose A Dresser Into Bathroom Vanity How Tos Diy. In order for a vessel sink to fit for functional and aesthetic reasons, it's best to ensure between 3 to 6 inches of top surface both in front and in back of the vessel sink. First thing first: get a sink that fits. Never underestimate the power of hardware. Also, it’s a very space-efficient vanity with a door disguised as a set of drawers and an open shelf at the bottom. My name is Becky and I’m a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. The drawer pulls are very sleek and stylish as well, in tone with the modern look of this vanity. Hang a mirror, screw in a shelf, place two storage stools below and bam, … Consider relocating or adding an outlet box along the wall directly behind the repurposed dresser, console or chest. A bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be very fancy, especially if you prefer a rustic, farmhouse-industrial style. H Turning A Dresser Into Vanity Beneath My Heart. Thanks so much to Debbie for having me! Jennifer Bailey September 29, 2020; 7 minute read; Pin it. I love the added baskets for more storage. First, if the back panel of the piece of furniture is made from a light, decorative material such as cardboard, luan or particle board, consider removing it completely. The black finish is an interesting choice but, as always, you can customize your own vanity in any way you want to. 10 Fantastic Ways to Heat Up the Space Around a Fireplace. As you can see, this vanity has loads of storage and really cool sliding barn doors. The wooden top was added later on during the transformation. Unless you’re a professional furniture designer or you already have some experience in this field you’ll want to try something simple for your first DIY bathroom vanity. Before choosing a vessel sink, it's important to know its dimensions. Just remove the sewing machine and replace it with a washbasin. The 6 Best Tutorials On How To Convert A Dresser Into Bathroom Vanity. Many designers suggest choosing classic finishes which defy trend such as antique brass, aged bronze or polished pewter. For the … It looks very beautiful and it has a lot of character. {found on makelyhome}. You have to make room at the top for the sink or washbasin so, depending on the style you choose, plan the necessary adjustments. This particular model has drop-leaf sides which is actually a really useful feature. A lot of things can be repurposed into a bathroom vanity. Consider having the vanity sit on only two legs, with the back section attached directly to the wall. Designers often recommend sticking within the same color or material family, yet letting the finishes vary slightly for a layered look. In order for a dresser, console or chest to work properly, its interior must be properly adjusted to fit plumbing fixtures such as P-traps, hoses and valves. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2008-2021 - All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy and Disclosure Update Privacy Settings. If you want something different or you have specific dimensions that you need to respect, a DIY bathroom vanity is the way to go. I personally have my laundry baskets in my bathroom. New hardware contribute a final touch of sparkle. Not only do recycled vanities add a chic and interesting design element, but they are also functional. This vanity has big drawers at the bottom and a big open section in the middle where you can keep a bunch of extra towels, toilet paper rolls and various other items. Here's how I made my own concrete vanity top for my bathroom. Browse 130 Repurposed Vanity on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning repurposed vanity or are building designer repurposed vanity from scratch, Houzz has 130 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Builder Tony Hirst LLC and M & D Roofing & Renovations. 13 Awesome Diy Repurposed Dresser Project Ideas. To drawer or overlays to the sink repurposed furniture and antique. If it fits and you like the look, you could repurpose a dresser into a bathroom vanity. Fence Board Vanity. Make Adjustments for Plumbing. Its design is simple and rustic and wonderfully well-balanced, with both open and closed storage. For example, this bathroom vanity has a box-like shape which is easy to put together. As long as the dresser is in good shape transforming it into a vanity shouldn’t be difficult at all. - The repurposed furniture for bathroom vanity inspiration and ideas. This extremely detailed tutorial from shanty-2-chic explains how this double sink vanity was built, taking you through the entire process from start to finish. The new hardware also suits the style a lot of better and adds more character to the otherwise simple design. Stunning bathroom features charcoal gray paint on upper walls, Jeff Lewis Color Carbon, and marble subway tiles in lower walls lined with a Chinese altar console table repurposed as a vanity topped with a white porcelain bowl sink under a satin nickel wall faucet and a rectangular mirror illuminated by glass and metal sconces alongside a marble hex tiled floor. There are 64 repurposed bath vanity for sale on Etsy, and they cost $119.40 on average. It's important to know the height of the dresser, console or chest before considering repurposing it. An unusual object can be a good repurposed bathroom vanity material. If an existing dresser, console or chest is equipped with pulls, knobs or hinges which don't fit the style of your bathroom, simply change them out for something more aesthetically correct. The easiest option would be to repurpose an existing furniture piece or even something completely different, not meant to be used in this way at all. Before deciding on the proper piece of furniture for repurposing, make sure its interior dimensions are deeper than 12 inches. Create your own exclusive bathroom vanity from home depot, with step by step guide. Bathroom Vanity From Repurposed Furniture – If you want to give your bathrooms the elegance and character it deserves, it’s very important that you simply pick the best bathroom furnishings. Build a single sink vanity from a desk and pair of adjustable-height work desk legs. Two common dimensions which work well are standard vanity height which is 30", and standard counter height which is 36". We think this design featured on studio36interiors is absolutely wonderful. However, it need … There are lots of designs that would suit these needs. Repurposed bathroom vanity ideas, point of the proper sealing of a. Bathroom fireplaces – a luxurious and welcomed accent feature, Decor Ideas For Your Home’s Smallest Room, 40 Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted, Victorian House Remodel Adds Charm And Mystery To The Build, Cool And Useful Woodworking Aprons For Those Who Crafts, New Bathroom Designs With Style and Technology in Mind, DIY Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and Cauldron Candle Holders, 50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind, The Best Weber Grills Will Make Summer Cooking Great – Guide and Reviews 2021, Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly, DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas Perfect For Repurposers, This Modern Italian Apartment Overlooks an Old-Style Italian Piazza, Extend The Longevity Of Your Mattress With A Waterproof Protector. Some of the design details of a DIY bathroom vanity have to do with things like the type of sink you want to use, the height of the counter and the type of storage you prefer. It doesn’t take a lot to do something similar for your own bathroom. There’s also a toilet paper holder attached to one side and stylish black faucets that match the hardware. This vanity was outfitted with brown-toned hardware in a variety of finishes: aged bronze knobs, a raw steel mirror frame, and oil rubbed bronze accessories. Although many designers suggest repurposed case goods into custom vanities, there are important factors to keep in mind before doing so. Trace its shape on the top of the dresser and cut out the hole. 25 Sensational Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget, Average Cost of a Master Bathroom Remodel, 20 Design Tips for a Wheelchair Accessible Home, 40 Bathroom Vanities You'll Love for Any Style, The Right Way to Paint Your Bathroom Vanity. If the bathroom is small or if you’d like to maintain an open and airy decor, consider a floating shelf vanity. At the same time, the wood adds warmth to the room. All Wedding & Party. This is a great way to add storage to your closet. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home! 18 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Custom Storage and Style ... Repurposing is an inexpensive way to update your home. Those with back panels will require a jigsaw to cut through the wood or metal so that the face plate can be screwed inside of the cabinet and also attached firmly to the outlet box. Check out this transformation from lifeonshadylane if you’re not convinced or if you want additional details. Sure, dining tables are pretty big so you’ll have to cut off some of the pieces. Cut holes in the desktop for the tap and drainpipe with a hole saw, and get a towel pub to the bottom to keep towels accessible and hide sink … You can find out what materials and tools you’ll need for it as well as the supplies and measurements for this particular vanity. An excellent way to update doors is with mirrors and trim. It looks super elegant and stylish and as it turns out it’s not really that complicated to build either. What’s great about this idea is the fact that the barrel hides all the plumbing. When changing hardware on a repurposed dresser, console or chest, be sure to keep in mind how its finish will coordinate with other elements within the bathroom. If you’re set on the idea of building your own bathroom vanity from scratch, then there are lots of different options, including the project described on Avantimorocha. Make use of a cleat to secure the rear of the desk to the wall. Share. Another really cool dresser transformation was documented on myoldcountryhouse. Keep in mind that a custom-cut mirror will run approximately $35-$45 per door front whereas standard sizes will usually cost less than $20 each. In order to do this, you'll need to determine if the door fronts are in check with standard size mirrors, then take into consideration how any trim will fit: directly on top of the mirror or around it. For a vessel sink you’ll need the counter height to be quite low so you might not be able to have it all, in case you want drawers as well as open shelves. If you want to be creative with your bathroom design, a good place to start is with the vanity unit. Re Do Of An Old Dresser Into A Bathroom Vanity Painted With Chalk within measurements 3616 X 6000. If you no longer use that antique sewing machine from your grandmother, turn the table into a... 2. With the help of a skilled plumber, it’s fairly simple to turn a table, dresser or even a stool into a counter for your wash basin. Two of the most important factors when choosing the proper faucet are identifying how many holes are needed for its plumbing, and ensuring the proper placement for attaching the P-trap and drain. I’m so inspired by all of Debbie’s refreshing and restyling that I thought I’d share one of my favorite bathroom design repurposing moves: the vanity. Make sure you measure the sink before you cut the table and that the piece fits. Even a big double vanity wouldn’t be that difficult to build. The transformation shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow the steps described on Anoregoncottage. Sewing Table Vanity Plans. Tips for Using Repurposed Furniture as a Bathroom Sink Vanity One of the biggest trends in bathroom remodeling today is using repurposed furniture as bathroom sinks and vanities. The vanity sits nicely, being attached to both the bike frame and the wall and there’s room for the towels on the handlebars. This is a very stylish yet rugged look... Malan Heyns. This will keep it in check proportionately with the dresser, console or chest while offering enough space for toothbrushes, combs, etc. This would have to be my favorite design. It is one of those upcycle ideas... Maura White. Before you get all excited with the idea or repurposing a cabinet as a bathroom vanity, take a moment to consider things like the humidity in the room, the size of the space and the style that works best for it. You can add to that various little details to make your vanity stand out and look more interesting, such as retro hardware or a cool color. The difference is that the barrel is not made of wood. If you can find a dining table with built-in drawers then you’ll also have some storage in your bathroom. On the average, P-traps for bathroom sinks require at least 12 inches of depth for proper installation. In fact, if you like this particular design, you can check out Melissavoigt to find out exactly the vanity was built. Vanity height is ideal for homeowners under 6' in stature while counter height is ideal for those over 6'. Not … Wood Pallet Tree Topper DIY. Great ideas for even a bathroom from plain to speak here are possibly moving across the bathroom unique vintage holder soap source 4make unique hanging towel storage ideas and after and plans. A West Elm Reclaimed Wood + Lacquer Buffet has been repurposed as a stunning vanity topped with a white quartz vanity top holding two vanity trays flanking a rectangular vessel sink under a brass Kohler Purist Faucet positioned beneath a brass vanity window … Check out Themerrythought for more inspiration. Old Dresser Turned into Shelves. In that case, check out Smalltownrambler to find out how this semi-floating vanity was built. Everything you need to know about this sort of project can be found on anoregoncottage. Another idea is to repurpose a dresser or a cabinet into a bathroom vanity. One of the most important steps in ensuring longevity of a repurposed bathroom vanity is the proper sealing of a dresser, console or chest's top. Original-Vanity-Sideboard_adjusting-drawer-for-sink_s4x3. It’s a metal barrel and it would fit well in industrial bathrooms. This old bedroom dresser was painted blue for a modern take on cottage style. If you don’t have room for … Check out this youtube tutorial if you need step-by-step instructions. Many of today's bathroom accessories are re-chargeable, and it's wise to keep them hidden from view until ready for use. Another thing you can repurpose as a vanity is a dining table. You can adapt the instructions to create something exactly to your liking. Such a transformation is described on Theescoopsoflove. Bali Bath. … Some styles are better suited for this than others. She may not be very fond of people, finding them annoying most of the time, but she still enjoys helping them from the shadows. In order to give this remodeled Atlanta bathroom one-of-a-kind designer flair, a dining room console table was repurposed as a dual sink vanity. Double Sink. Simple end tables are repurposed here as an attractive double set of vanities. What better place to store them than inside of the vanity? © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. You can even repurpose unusual things like a bike. A good reason to build a new vanity for your bathroom is if you need more storage. Although this is a very simple vanity there are small details that add a lot to its design. The most common repurposed bath vanity material is ceramic. Leave the rest as it is. A mirror is certainly important for a bathroom vanity, functionally and aesthetically. Her attention to detail drives others crazy yet remains her most appreciated characteristic. Brighten up the whole thing with some lively paint and easily convert an old desk to trendy and elegant bathroom vanity. Now, let’s take a look at these rustic bathroom vanity designs that might inspire you to choose rustic interior style in your bathroom. Another thing you can repurpose is a wooden barrel. Discover collection of 21 photos and gallery about repurposed furniture for bathroom vanity at It’s also important to remove any drawers which may impede space needed for P-traps, but transfixing the drawer front to the body of the dresser with wood screws for a more finished look. Small vanities can be tricky to find plus you’re also fairly limited by the designs and styles available in stores. Check out these repurposed bathroom vanity unit ideas to … If the dimensions are not confirmed before drilling holes with a paddle bit, the top of the furniture piece could be damaged by additional holes added to re-situate the plumbing and faucet. Furniture without back panels involves the outlet box being installed directly to the wall. The DIY bathroom vanity made from a dresser offers extra storage and easy customization. ... or just repurpose a wood table, old unused cabinet, and sideboard into a cool, rustic bathroom vanity. A unique bathroom vanity can come in many forms, but in general, it will reflect a more eclectic, adventurous style. Polyurethane is odorous and sometimes takes up to 5 days for proper deodorization. Oct 6, 2020 - Repurposing and upcycled ideas and inspiration for your bathroom. This way you same some money on materials and you get to revive an old piece of furniture and give it a new purpose. Repurposing can be easier in a lot of cases but sometimes it’s best to just throw out the old furniture and to make something new from scratch. It’s a compromise that was also made when building this very vanity. However, because the compartment are not closed off, the vanity looks open and less heavy. To simplify the project, go with a basic design that relies on a simple geometric form. It really makes a big difference. For example, a vintage sewing machine station might add a lot of character to your bathroom. I love this fence board vanity for smaller bathrooms. An … As wall-mounted bathroom tissue dispensers continue to be replaced by free-standing, roll-concealing towers, finding alternative places to mount them out of sight remains an issue for many homeowners. To seal the space along the bottom of the vessel sink add a bead of silicone or caulk in a slow, controlled manner. However, if the top surface of a dresser, console or chest is too high, it will be difficult to reach once a vessel sink is added. May 11, 2019 - Explore Tina's board "Bathroom Vanity Drawers", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. For example, a rustic or an industrial vanity is easier to build than a modern one. Two Pieces of Furniture From One, Do You Like It? To save even more time and money, instead of building a whole new vanity from scratch you can choose to give your existing one a makeover. Many times a homeowner may find a dresser, console or chest perfect in scale and proportion, yet lacking in style or ornamentation. For example, there’s this great tutorial on housefulofhandmade that you might want to check out. Excellent, non-odorous or less odorous options include shellac and a polyurethane/acrylic blend. Design ideas and inspiration. See more ideas about repurposed furniture, diy furniture, drawers. Just remove the sewing machine and replace it with a washbasin. A lot of things can be repurposed into a bathroom vanity. Old Bike Vanity For example, a vintage sewing machine station might add a lot of character to your bathroom. Bathroom Fixtures Bathrooms Vanities Remodeling Tips and Hacks Give Your Bathroom Salvaged Style In order to give this remodeled Atlanta bathroom one-of-a-kind designer flair, a dining room console table was repurposed as a dual sink vanity. An open shelf vanity like the one featured on H2obungalow is also a beautiful option. {found on Nomadearchitettura}. To keep the dispenser within arm's reach but out of view, consider mounting it to the side of the vanity closest to the commode using screws and a drill. Repurposed Furniture for your Bathroom, unique trash to treasure storage and decorating ideas for your bathroom. The bike isn’t meant to be used as furniture but it looks wonderful. Take this opportunity to do some repairs, maybe fill in some cracks and cover up a few scratches. A little bit of paint goes a long way and that’s true for a long of DIY projects, including this bathroom vanity makeover featured on hollygrace. Doesn’t it look much better in white? Or repurpose an old ladder-back chair, painting it to match your bathroom tones. A bathroom vanity isn’t exactly a complex piece of furniture so you could safety assume that you might be able to build one yourself. This time we’re looking at a retro piece with a curvy front and a few antique details. The biggest change would be to give your bathroom vanity a brand new color.

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