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This was a private residential prokect, the villa that covers an area of over 5 acres is located in the Nyarutaram area and overlooks the city...neighbourhood where build over a period of 5 years, they combine both good design and architectural innovation and are now considered prime housing in the Nyarutarama area. Ujenge's contribution to this project was essential especially in cost management and project monitoring.

Palm Estate I

Located in Kagugu, at the heart of an upcoming neighborhood, at the crossroad of Gisozi, Gacuriro and Nyarutarama, Palm Estate is just a few meters away from the soon to be constructed UN compound.

The first phase of Palm Estate was a huge success and sold-out in record time! It featured 32 apartments of various sizes and commercial areas of about 400 square meters.

Palm Estate II

Phase 2, includes 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments but also 2,600 square meters of commercial space. Inhabitants will enjoy the luxury of having a kindergarten, sports area, shops and restaurants at their door step.
Yet, the designs makes sure that the privacy and comfort of the housing units is maintained.

Ample underground parking will enable easy access while keeping large areas on the site green and pedestrianized.

The second phase of Palm Estate was conceived with the collaboration of our partner, the Brussels based European architects bureau, Cerau.

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